Polymer Clay Earrings- 3 factors to consider when choosing a local market or craft show

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Selling at a local Market- 3 Factors to consider

You've created a business, started mastering your craft and now you're ready to start selling. First off congratulations on finding something you love to do! 

This blog post will specifically look at selling your polymer clay earrings at local markets. I will outline 3 important factors you should consider before booking your first local market. 

1. Do your research

Don't jump into the first market you find. In the warmer months, markets are plentiful and the whole process can seem overwhelming at times. You may be asking yourself how do I choose which market to do, which ones will make me the most profit?

I suggest looking on social media or even google for the market you're looking at attending. Look up hashtags, social media posts, google articles. Look for photos, You Tube videos or accounts that follow local markets. You need to ask yourself first and foremost- does it seem legit? Are people talking about it? Is there a waiting list?

Try to find previous markets put on and look to see how these previous markets went. If you find photos, are there a lot of people in the photos? People are potential sales, so you want to see people in videos and photos. For example: An empty parking lot photo would be a pass from me.

Another tip for finding good quality markets is to look at local hashtags. Hashtags like #ottawamarkets or #shoplocalottawa are great because they act as a starting point for markets in your area. Of course, if you're not from Ottawa use your location.

Is there awaiting list? Market organizers that have a waitlist are usually successful and established. If they do have a waitlist, it may be a very good indication that it's one you want to consider.

Be very careful with e-mailing a random person money because they are putting on a craft show with "100+vendors". Unfortunately, these scams do exist.

2. Communication is key! 

When you e-mail the organizer and they are quick to respond with general market information, payment details, what's included in the fee, vendor expectations etc. This is a good sign and will bring peace of mind to you- especially with your first few craft shows.

It's never a good thing when you have no idea where you need to park or what you need to do for set-up on the day of.

3. Does the market you're looking at advertise? 

This isn't always a great indicator of a successful market, but it can give you an idea regarding traffic and potential sales.

Advertisements will no doubt increase traffic and sales. It's simple. More people, more sales. Signs, posters, Facebook and Instagram event posts and pages are all great and add to the popularity and awareness of the market. 

I would also suggest posting your own content and stories to promote the market further once you have decided to become a vendor. More traffic equates to more sales and more fun! I love meeting the other vendors and what they do. It forms a sense of community.

In saying this, I've been to markets where there has been very little advertising and have still done very well so at the end of the day it's a risk you take, but if you can minimize your risk by doing your research and directing your energy and efforts to a market more in line with your goals, you're going to have greater odds of being successful! You're essentially weeding out the "not for you" markets.

Bottom Line- Be informed and have FUN!



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  • @ Wilbur Henderson- Thanks for visiting and your comment. I would suggest a few things.

    1. Make sure your space is free of clutter. I see a lot of vendors with tons of product. Customers don’t want to dig through everything to find something. Make it easy for them.

    2. Engage your customer! Say "Hi! Are you familiar with________ " whatever you’re selling) for me, I say “Hi! how are you? Are you familiar with polymer clay?” It helps to get the conversation started and it’s your opportunity to tell them about what you do!

    Hope that helps! Good Luck!

    Becky McCutcheon- Polymer Clay Earrings on
  • Very interesting article. From my personal experience, I’ve never had much luck selling my products at markets. Can you suggest ideas for improving sales on the day?

    Wilbur Henderson on
  • Such a helpful article! Lots of great tips and information in there, would definitely refer back to this.

    Lorne McCutcheon on

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