4mm flat pad titanium earring posts

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ASTM F67 Grade 1 (medical grade) titanium flat pad earring posts.

Titanium is a highly hypoallergenic metal, and since it's also a pure metal, it's an exceptional option for people who have metal sensitivities.

Manufactured in the USA and feature a double-riveted connection to the stainless pad.

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Why Titanium?
Titanium is perfect for sensitive ears! Since titanium is a pure metal, it is considered one of the few metals that will not cause an allergic reaction. You won't find any nickel in these titanium posts since they aren't plated or brushed with an alloy.

These titanium stud posts are perfect for individuals who have metal sensitivities.
In addition, titanium is lightweight and very strong, making it a perfect option for your jewelry making needs.

Post length: 11.5mm (7/16 inch)
Post gauge: 21
Pad width: 4 mm
Pad thickness: 0.24mm
Titanium grade (post): ASTM F67 Grade 1 (medical grade)
Stainless grade (pad): 304
Made in the USA.

These are the only stud posts I will ever use since they don't cause irritation.

I decided that since they are becoming harder to source, I'd offer them up to my fellow jewelry making entrepreneurs!